How to Get Indexed By Search Engines Faster?

  How to Get Indexed By Search Engines Faster? You discovered that Google hasn't indexed your website or web page. Do this: access Google Search Console. Enter the URL inspection tool's website. In the search box, paste the URL you want Google to index. Let Google verify the URL first. Select "Request indexing" from the menu. When you publish a new post or page, you should follow this procedure. In essence, you're encouraging Google to visit your site since you've recently added something fresh. Requesting indexing won't likely address the fundamental issues, though, that prohibit Google from indexing outdated content. If so, use the following checklist to identify the issue and resolve it. In case you've previously used some of these strategies, here are some brief links to each one according to Ahref.Com : Remove erroneous noindex tags from your robots.txt file. The page should be added to your sitemap. Delete any errant canonical tags Make sure the